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LEVEL 3 – Full Building Survey

Previously Referred To As A “Structural Survey”, This Survey Report Is The Most Comprehensive And Technical Survey Report Available, And The Surveyor Will Inspect And Report Upon Not Only Major, But Minor Defects/Areas Of Disrepair, Together With Providing Specific Advice On How To Deal With The Problems In The Property Which May Have Been Identified.

During The Inspection, Walls Are Inspected To Establish Structural Integrity Ie Subsidence, Cavity Wall Tie Failure, Lateral Movement, And For Both Rising And Penetrating/Lateral Dampness. Accessible Timber Is Inspected To Establish If Decay Is Present As A Result Of Wet Or Dry Rot, Beetle Activity Or Inherent Structural Weakness. A Visual Inspection Of The Service Installation Is Undertaken.

The Surveyor May Make Recommendations For Further Testing/Inspection Of These Elements Of The Property, If He Considers It Prudent To Do So. Comment Will Also Be Included Regarding The Projected Lifespan Of Certain Parts Of The Building Fabric And The Timescale Recommended For Replacement.

By Prior Arrangement, AS AN ADDITIONAL SERVICE, The Surveyor Can Give Budget Costings For Such Works, And Also Recommend Tradesmen, Contractors And Specialists If Required. Our Local Knowledge Is Invaluable In These Circumstances.

The Report, Which Is A Comprehensive, Stand Alone Document With Photographs And Appropriate Appendices, Are Provided To The Client.

This Form Of Inspection And Report Is More Appropriate For:- Older Properties (PRE WORLD WAR II); Dwellings Of Non Traditional Construction Or Those That Are Visually In Poor Condition Or Have Been Extensively Altered And/Or Extended.

It Does Not Include Market Valuation, Though By Prior Agreement, This Can Be INCLUDED AT AN ADDITIONAL COST.

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Registered in England & Wales, Company No. 04704626

Copyright © 2015 T.R. Davies Limited,
All Rights Reserved. Registered in
England & Wales, Company No. 04704626

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